Airport Field Trips

An up-close look at science and math

Tiger Flight offers field trips to Richard Russell Airport that support Georgia Performance Standards. Field trips are targeted to 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students and offer hands-on activities directly supporting several math, science and social studies Georgia standards.

Education programs

Tiger Flight Foundation offers several programs to help young people reach their potential, including, TigerFlight Pilot in Command motivational presentations, TigerFlight Youth Challenge Coin Program, and standards-based field trips to Richard B. Russell Regional Airport.

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Free flights for kids

On the second Saturday of each month, weather permitting, TigerFlight pilots will give free flights to children ages 11 to 18 at Richard B. Russell Regional Airport. During the free orientation flights, TigerFlight pilots talk to the children about the airplanes and explain some of the sciences of flight.

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TigerFlight's Own Book

Jake Skyler is a typical 12-year-old -- hanging out with his buddies, surfing the Net and playing video games -- until one day a formation of twin-tailed tiger airplanes soars overhead. Jake's obsession with the Tiger Flight pilots and their amazing aircraft turns into a dream of learning to fly.

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