Examiner.com profiles TigerFlight

Examiner.com reporter Charles Atkeison recently visited Richard B. Russell Airport to learn about TigerFlight. His article was published today. Here’s an excerpt:

During an October visit, this aerospace reporter arrived at Russell Airport in time to see three orange with black tiger stripes Alon A-2 Aircoupes aircraft soar across the blue morning sky.

On board each aircraft is a young adult interested in the possibility of becoming a pilot, or working as a student with the goal of an aviation career.

Jamie, a seventh grader who lives in Rome, flew for the first time through Tiger Flight and was fascinated by the experience and sights below, “I saw from the power plant below over to Alabama while I was up there.”

Jamie was one of sixteen young adults who flew that day, and added that he had an incredible flight and would love to fly again.

To read the whole article, and see a photo slideshow, click here.

Posted October 9, 2013 in Foundation News

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