Local VBS group takes field trip to airport

On July 27th, 2012, posted in: Education Programs

A Vacation Bible School group from Collard Valley Baptist Church in Cedartown took a field trip to the airport recently. TigerFlight Director Lt. Col. David Wright said the group learned about the sciences of flight, look and how they act as metaphors for life. Thrust, shop for example, medicine represents a drive to succeed, while drag represents influences and individuals that want to hold you back. And lift is the help you get from others and God.

TigerFlight Vacation Bible School

TigerFlight’s Leslie Duke talks about the mechanics of an airplane to Logan O’Neal, 9, (from left) Shayden O’Neal, 7, and Justin Oxenreider, 7.

TigerFlight Vacation Bible School

Emma Beck, 8, tries on a helmet in the TigerFlight ready room.