Challenge Coin Program

TigerFlight has developed a seven coin youth challenge program designed to help the student and their family to adopt seven valuable character traits and become pilots in command of their own lives.  The character traits are: to be respectful, honest, courageous, honorable, moral, faithful, and responsible.  We have designed a set of beautiful metal challenge coins with our TigerFlight patch on one side and one of our trait words engraved on the other side. The concept is for the student to carry one of these coins in their pocket for a month.  During the month,  the student and their parents will look for examples of people demonstrating this particular trait.  As the family discusses their observations during the month they will each begin to integrate these traits into their lives; the student and the parents.  Students are required to write a brief one-page summary of the family’s observations and mail that back to their sponsor.  These seven coins allow TigerFlight to, simply and from a distance, “mentor” students and families in seven very valuable character traits and help them to become pilot in command of their own lives.