Jake and the Tiger Flight


“Jake and the Tiger Flight” is Tiger Flight’s very own book — about a boy who overcomes obstacles to realize his dream of learning to fly.

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Jake Skyler is a typical 12-year-old — hanging out with his buddies, surfing the Net and playing video games — until one day a formation of twin-tailed tiger airplanes soars overhead. Jake’s obsession with the Tiger Flight pilots and their amazing aircraft turns into a dream of learning to fly. He faces mounting obstacles from his parents and friends. But like everyone growing up, his greatest struggles come from within. Can a daydreamer ever learn the focus and self-discipline needed to make his goal a reality?

Take off with Jake and the Tiger Flight on a full-throttle adventure about unlocking the secrets of the past, battling every day to stay once ours, and grabbing a dream of the future.

After you read the entire Jake and the Tiger Flight book to learn about grabbing a dream and making it come true, use the 2-step plan in the back of the book to get your own official Tiger Flight patch, just like the pilots wear!

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Download English and Language Arts lesson plan (PDF)

“I enjoyed Jake and the Tiger Flight very much. It brought out the excitement and adventure all boys and girls want to experience with aircraft! The book will inspire boys and girls — and maybe adults as well — to go after their dreams and make them come true. It really is a neat, suspenseful book!” – Pat Epps, award-winning pilot, explorer, aviation business promoter and entrepreneur

Jake and the Tiger Flight was written by George Weinstein, with assistance from Marty Aftewicz and Tiger Flight pilot Phil “Sunny” Cataldo